31 elokuuta, 2014

Tytöille Boho-olkalaukkuja

Syyskokoelmani sai taas jatkoa tyttöjen olkalaukuista. Yhdeksän uniikkia, huolella tehtyä yksilöä. Jokaisessa erilainen, väreihin sopiva vuori, kauniin värinen puuvillanaru ja sävyihin sopiva neppari kiinnittäjänä. Päällikangas on vahvistettu, jotta kestää paremmin kulutusta ja ehkäisee ryppyyntymistä. Mitat ja lisää kuvia löydät kaupasta.

P.s. Kiinnostaisiko vastaavat laukkuset aikuisten hihnapituudella? Jos, niin kerro! Muutenkin saa esittää toiveita joulumarkkinoita silmällä pitäen. :)

My Autumn collection continues with these cute boho purses for girls. Nine OOAK, carefully made pieces. They all have different, matching linings, cotton ribbons in beautiful colors and a press stud for fastening. I have sturdied the outer fabric with heavy buckram so the bag is more durable and does not wrinkle or lose it´s shape. Measures and more pics at the shop!

P.s. Would you be interested in these with adult size straps? If so, please let me know! :)

28 elokuuta, 2014

Ilmoitusluontoinen asia :)

Multa on jonkin verran kyselty, että osallistunko tänä jouluna myyjäisiin. Naisten joulumessuille en tänäkään vuonna ole menossa, mutta ainakin yksi myyjäispaikka on nyt varattuna, mistä voi tulla ostelemaan käsitöitäni joulupaketteihin. Saattaa olla, että tuo ei ole ainoa paikka johon osallistun tänä vuonna, kertoilen täällä uutisia aiheesta sitä mukaa, kun asia selviää itsellenikin. Ihanaa päästä (eli päättää jaksaa lähteä) taas myyjäisiin, oon ihan innoissani!! =)

Lisää infoa lähempänä ajankohtaa, mutta pikaisesti, kyseessä on Iloiset kädet -joulumyyjäiset, tapahtumapaikkana nuorisotalo Nuotta Oulunkylässä, Kylänvanhimmantie 29.
Myyjäiset on sunnuntaina 23.11. klo 10-15.

Toivottavasti näen useamman lukijani ja vakioasikkaani siellä!! 

Ja kyllä.. Sinne tulee myös tossuja mukaan. ;)

25 elokuuta, 2014

Meikit mukaan tyylillä!

Pieni syyskokoelmani sai lisäystä näppärän kokoisista, topatuista meikkipussukoista. Myös nämä on nyt lisätty TÄNNE. Jokainen tietysti taas uniikki kappaleensa ja erittäin huolella tehty. :)

Lisää kuvia itse ilmoituksissa.

P.s. Kuten ennenkin, voit tehdä ostokset myös sähköpostitse.

My small Autumn Collection continues.. These compact sized pretties are now available HERE. Every piece is unique - of course - and made with great care. :)

More pics at the shop.

Syksyn penaalit 2014

Löytyvät nyt kaupasta. Lisää uutukaisia tulossa pian! :)

Pencil cases for my small Autumn Collection 2014 are now available at my little shop. More brand new products will be added soon! :)

21 elokuuta, 2014

Blog Hopping time!

I got this challenge from my dear blog friend Mia couple weeks ago and though my sincere intention was to get it done on time - i failed. I also know that it´s not the end of the world - so i will go on and grab this hopping challenge by its thorns. ;)

Get ready - this will go on for a while!

1.What am I working on?

At the moment i´m working on my small autumn collection that will hopefully be ready and available at my small Etsy shop by the end of this month. I also have many projects bubbling under and unfinished. Mostly something fun for our home and for my kids. I´m pretty sure i´ll never see the day when i have finished all my projects.. But i´m sure that´s pretty usual for us passioned crafters. :)

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I have been faithful to my style for some years now and even though it seems like maybe my type of colorful crafts are getting more common - i do feel like i´ve had a pretty unique style of creating since the very beginning. Maybe i´m not the best person to determine this but i think (and have been told) that my way of combining colors, patterns and materials is special and does differ from the usual crafts out there. I also make only unique pieces which i do believe is not that common.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I have the need and the passion for it. I wish that some day i will have the chance and the courage to jump all the way in to the crafting land. This has been my aim and my dream for a long long time now but there i still am - working at my day job. I do love dreaming however and i can´t stop crafting so who knows if this dream will get it´s wings one day and take me with it! :)

4. How does my writing/creative process work?

- Well.. At first i get an idea or an inspiration to something yet undefined. It may come from a Miyazagi animation (love those fantasy worlds so much!!) or it may be color combinations or shapes i see somewhere. Anything really can give the spark when i´m feeling amenable. 
I have a book where i draw the ideas down after they come to my head. Some of them i have to carry out immediately - some will have to wait.. or never get done.

- Next stop is my (at the moment as you can see) "a bit" messy crafting stash. Organizing my fabrics and materials should be pretty high on my priorities... But i´m just not very organized person (plus i really have so little spare time at this point in my life).
I dig deep in there and spend a lot of time (and make a terrible mess) mixing and matching all the fabrics and embellishments i plan to use. I always want the outside and the inside to be beautiful in my work. So no ugly linings here! ;) This is most definitely one of my favorite parts in the executing process.

After i have chosen the materials, i start doing the pattern for what i´m making. Some of my products that work well in my opinion i keep alive by using the same patterns to make small batches for my seasonal collections. All of my work is and has always been unique - so even though the shape might be the same, the fabrics never are.

This is a simple introduction - i basically draw the pattern - cut the fabrics - embellish if the work needs that - then sew the pieces together. After all this is done i do use quite a lot of time to get everything pictured to my liking so i can add my products for sale, or show my work at my blog. 

* this pencil case was for my little girl who just started school. ♥

I got a bit carried away when searching for old pics of my past work. Pretty much ay? :) And still, this all is just a small glimpse of everything i´ve done. There are plenty more so if you like what you see, just take an adventure to the history of my blog. :)

The idea of Blog Hop is to spread the joy by inviting the next three crafty blogs to join in. Every post should appear within one week from each other, so my due date was originally Monday 11th but as i confessed at the beginning - i couldn´t quite make it, not even this Monday..

But even though it´s technically Thursday already, i started doing this post when it was still Wednesday. So i´m only week and two days behind. =)

I tried to get couple of my favorite Finnish bloggers here but they didn´t have the time - which i totally understand i mean.. Look at this post!! :D

One of them did hop along however and she is Anna from the blog Virkattu lintu - which i love! I think she has such a delicate beautiful pictures with calming mood and so many pretty crafts you just have to see.  

So this is it for me - i hope you got to the finish and go see Anna´s posting as well when she gets it out! 

Have a happy Thursday my lovelies!